Sports Physicals

A sports physical ensures that your child is healthy and able to participate in sports. An assessment is completed to look for any conditions that could worsen with sports participation or problems that would interfere with sports. 

Expect the following during a sports physical:

  • Review of medical history and family history
  • Height and weight
  • Blood pressure, heart rate, temperature check
  • Vision screening
  • Review of medications 
  • Assessment of posture, joints, strength, and flexibility

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If you’ve had a prior injury, a sports physical will ensure you’ve healed and are ready to return to play. Conditions like asthma, diabetes, or seizures will be carefully considered to ensure they are well controlled and not likely to interfere with sports activity.

Concerns or conditions found during a sports physical may require further evaluation before your child is cleared for participation. Sometimes this may mean additional testing or a referral to a specialist. 

Most school athletic programs require sports physicals to be updated annually. Our healthcare providers will complete the forms required by your sports organization and ensure a safe playing experience.