Basic Health Screening

Basic health screenings are important in maintaining your overall health. Screening services are critical because early detection provides the best way to improve the effectiveness of treatment and management of any condition.

During a basic health screening, you’ll be checked for signs of health conditions that may need further evaluation or treatment. These may also be called preventative health services. The following screenings will be done:

  • Measurement of height and weight
  • General physical exam
  • Vital sign measurement (blood pressure, heart rate)
  • Calculation of body mass index
  • Vision screening
  • Blood tests for sugar, cholesterol, kidney function, liver function

Lab testing may be done with a blood draw or a fingerstick for some tests.

A healthcare provider will review all the findings of your screening and make individualized recommendations for lifestyle modification, additional testing, or treatment. Basic health screening is performed every one to three years.

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