Suture & Staple Removal

Sutures or staples are placed to hold wound edges together after injuries or surgeries. Once enough time for healing has passed, it will be time to have sutures or staples removed. Our providers will assess your wound to make sure it has healed correctly and that it is ready to have sutures or staples removed.

Removing staples and sutures is a simple and easy process. You may have some anxiety regarding the removal, but it is painless and quick. Numbing medicine is needed for the insertion of sutures and staples, but they are easily removed without the need for any numbing.

Sutures are cut with small scissors and pulled out using tweezers. To remove staples, a special tool that lifts them out is used. Once the sutures or staples are out, the provider will make sure your wound is healing well without any signs of infection. The entire process is very quick, and you’ll be back to your regular activity.

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The following are general guidelines for when to remove staples or sutures:

  • Face: after 3-5 days
  • Scalp: after seven days
  • Chest: after 8-10 days
  • Arms and legs: after 10-14 days
  • Hands or joints: after 10-14 days
  • Back: after 10-14 days